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Bob Watson's Turn Key Offerings work. In the past ten years alone, his clients (both private and public) have used his offerings to raise more than $60 million from angel investors, at a cost to founders that averages less than 3% of funds raised.​

About Turn Key Offerings

Bob creates bulletproof offering programs and a turn key process that give founders the best possible chance of getting funded at a reasonable cost. He makes the growth strategy, corporate structure, capital structure, offering structure, and valuation attractive to angel investors and able to pass any level of scrutiny and due diligence. He fixes the strategic holes in the business plan, eliminates the red flags that are known to cause investors to say "no" during due diligence, and creates a financial model and investor presentation that cause the "Holy crap! I want in" response. Finally, he implements a scalable process for identifying, contacting and getting checks from the angel investors who are already in the founding team's network and extended network (typically the most likely investor candidates).

With a Turn Key Offering, you'll reach more investors (who already have a connection with you), in less time, without red flags, and with far fewer objections. As a result, you'll get more checks written, at an optimal valuation, and you'll never be at risk of losing control of your company or being non-compliant with the SEC; all at a cost that averages less than 3% of funds raised. 

Nearly 90% of Bob's Turn Key clients have achieved their funding goals. Read their Testimonials and then contact Bob Watson directly for an initial consultation, at no cost or obligation.

Turn Key Angel Funding Programs