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Bulletproof ​Offerings

​​​If you are self-managing your offering, Bob Watson's Bulletproof Review is a fast and effective way to prevent prospective angel investors from shooting holes in your plan and being able to justify saying "no." Bob has two decades of experience with the 60+ red flags and strategic holes that cause investors to say "no" during due diligence, and he can quickly identify and eliminate them from your offering. The Bulletproof Review is cheap (costing the same as about 4 hours of legal time); the difference is that it typically pays for itself at least 50 to 100 times over in net extra investment dollars that would have been lost if the red flags and strategic holes had not been eliminated. Schedule Your Bulletproof Review Now 

The Bulletproof Review Process

It's a 60-point review of key strategic and tactical elements of your offering, and it can usually be done in a day, by phone, email and online. It is conducted by Bob Watson, from the "angel investor" perspective, and it is based on his 20+ years of experience in negotiating investment from more than 300 angel investors. Bob will analyze your offering strategy, offering docs, offering structure, corporate structure, capital structure, growth strategy, exit strategy and investor presentation. He will identify the red flags and strategic holes that cause angel investors to say "no" during due diligence. He will also explain how and why the problems are viewed by investors as red flags, and then help you fix the problems as quickly as possible.  Schedule Your Bulletproof Review Now

​Who Needs the Bulletproof Review™?

The Bulletproof Review is ideal for founders who are about to launch an offering and want to make it bulletproof before they burn through any of their prospective investors. It is also ideal for founders who have already launched an offering, but who are not getting enough investors to write checks. Don't go out to your investors with preventable red flags and strategic holes that make it easy for them to justify saying "no."  Schedule Your Bulletproof Review Now