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Client Testimonials

​​​We raised $2.5 million, sold 26% of the company, and it cost us a little over 2% of what we raised to have Watson do his turnkey program thing for us and stay on as an independent board member for a year. The worst possible decision would’ve been to NOT hire him because we would've failed with our best angel prospects if we had gone out with the offering we were about to launch. Fact is, we weren't nearly ready, and I didn't even know it because I'd never raised money before.”  ​RS (Software)

My team and I raised $800,000 within 4 months of getting Watson's help. All I can say is DO IT! … the company you save may be your own!” KH (Insurance Services)

[Regarding the $1,600 cost of a Bullet Proof Review] "If you can get Bob Watson to even “talk” to you for $1,600, I suggest you write the check immediately before he comes to his senses. We paid him 20 times that much for his complete turnkey program and it was worth every penny. If you're a founder doing a PPM to raise startup capital or growth capital from angel investors, the best fundraising advice I can give you is: better call Bob!”  DKH (SaaS Fintech)

"Before working with Bob, we’d been trying to raise money for three years straight, with a big fat ZERO! Watson came in and created a rapid growth strategy, a financial model, and an investor webinar that blew away the investor we'd been trying to land for years. He wrote a check for $1 million exactly 11 days after seeing Watson's investor webinar; then 10 days later, after digging deeper into Watson's financial model, he called and said that his wife wanted to buy out the remaining $2 million of the offering. It was amazing." JG (Specialty Equipment Manufacturing)

"I raised $400,000 from my network and from one strategic partner. I went out with total confidence ... the turnkey program really did make me feel "bulletproof", as Watson told me it would. I followed his process, sent the webinar links and made lots of follow up calls. The cost turned out to be a great investment, and being able to defer some of it until money started coming in made it easy.” 
TA (Human Resource Services)

We raised $4 million in 60 days from our own personal network of business associates with Watson leading his turn key program, and then $3 million more nine months later using the exact same program; gave up a total of 24% for $7 million in capital. I argued with Watson's financial model numbers for weeks because I thought they were wrong. I even hired an outside CPA to do a new model, but the CPA's numbers came in within 2% of Watson's numbers, which were the numbers we ended up using to raise all $7 million. I would NEVER do an offering without bringing in Bob. AP (Retail)

"When Bob Watson attends our board meetings, I feel like he's 50% of the brains of the company.RN (Credit Repair Services)

“Watson's turnkey program enabled us to raise $2 million in six months from our own network, giving up only 16%. The 1.5% cost was worth every dollar, and being able to pay part of the fee after we started raising money effectively gave us the "performance" feature were looking for. And the financial model ... OMG, that alone was priceless for handling objections. Brilliant service." ​ PR (Emission Control Technology)