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Bob Watson's Webinarts™ investor webinars are game changers. They're different from white board videos and other investor presentations because they elicit the "Holy crap! I want in" response from angel investors.

Bob's webinars get rave reviews from founders and investors alike because of the "Holy crap!" factor and because they explain the strategy, structure, financial model, and projected investor return in a way that makes it easier for angels to make an investment decision without having to do additional due diligence. Bob knows exactly what angel investors need and want in an investment presentation and he knows how to make it compelling for them without raising the 60+ red flags that cause them to say "no."

Webinarts™ investor presentations result in more investors writing checks, and their cost is far cheaper than losing even a single $25,000 investor, which is what happens if your presentation fails to create the "Holy crap! I want in" response. A Webinarts™ webinar will also make your funding effort scalable by enabling you (and your contacts, and your contact's contacts) to simply send a link to introduce your offering, instead of having to do a personal presentation for every connection

Click below to view any of the sample Webinarts™ webinars (enter your email address to start the webinar). After watching, contact Bob Watson directly for a quote.

Game Changing 

Investor Webinars