​​Game Changing​ Investor Webinars

Bob Watson's unique Webinarts™ investor webinars elicit a powerful response that's seldom heard with other investor presentations. It's the “Holy crap! I want in” response. Getting investors to actually say those words after watching the investor presentation will make a huge difference in your funding success.

You have to ask yourself: Do my presentations end with prospective investors saying, Holy crap! I want in? If not, it's time to add a game changing webinar to your offering. The cost of a Webinarts™ investor webinar is less than a quarter the cost of losing a single $25,000 investor, which is exactly what will happen if your presentation fails to produce the "Holy crap! I want in" response. Sample Investor Webinars ​​

Raise the Capital You Need with Bob Watson's

Turn Key Angel Funding Programs, Bulletproof Offerings, and Game Changing Investor Webinars

​​​​​Turn Key Angel Funding Programs

Bob Watson creates and manages successful Turn Key Offerings that leverage his 22 years of angel funding experience. With a Turn Key Offering, Bob handles all aspects of the angel funding program, starting with the necessary refinement of the offering structure, capital structure, corporate structure and growth strategy into what will attract angel investors, at an optimal share price and valuation, while keeping you in control of your company and compliant with SEC regulations.

Bob will eliminate any of the 60+ red flags in your business plan that are known to cause angel investors to say “no” during due diligence. He will create everything you need to say and show to investors, including a bullet proof financial model, a PPM document (with no red flags), and an investor webinar that causes the “Holy crap! I want in” response. Finally, he will lead you and your team through the process of contacting, and getting checks from, the angel investors in your immediate and extended networks; all at a cost that averages less than 3% of funds raised. With a Turnkey Offering, you'll raise more money, at a lower total cost, with less work and fewer disappointments. More on Turn Key Angel Funding​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bob Watson is one of America's leading angel funding experts. He has 23 years of funding experience and has served on 34 early stage boards. In the past decade alone, he created Regulation D Private Placement Angel Offerings (including the financial model, business plan, PPM, investor webinar, and turn key process) that enabled his client companies to raise more than $61 million in startup and growth capital; at a total funding cost to the founders that averaged less than 3% of funds raised. 

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​​​​​​​​​​​Bulletproof Offerings 

If you've already created a PPM and are self-managing your offering, don't let investors shoot holes in your plan! Bob Watson's low cost, Bulletproof Review™ will identify and eliminate any of the 60+ red flags that are known to cause angel investors to say "no" during due diligence. It's like wrapping a bulletproof vest around your offering.

The cost is equal to about four hours of legal time; but it's different from most legal advice because Bob has negotiated investment from more than 300 angel investors and his Bulletproof Reviews™ typically pay for themselves at least 50 to 100 times over in net extra investment dollars (dollars that would not have been invested if the red flags had not been eliminated). Don't make it easy for investors to shoot holes in your plan. Bulletproof your offering before you burn through another investor.  More on Bulletproof Reviews